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Tensions Remain High in Baltimore

Baltimore Riots of 2015 Results in 201 Adult Arrests,  34 Juvenile Arrests,

23 Police Officers Injured, 144 Vehicle Fires

Still NO Arrest in the DEATH of Freddie Gray

TBR — Baltimore, MD – Tensions remain high in Baltimore, following a night of Riots, Looting and Violence that resulted in more than 200 arrests, 114 vehicle fires and now 23 injured Police Officers.

The violence comes after lingering hostile feelings and NO Arrest in the tragic death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray. Since his death now more than one week ago, there has been no arrest in the case and the Community is still looking for answers and justice.

The protest, riots, looting and violence broke out just a few blocks away from Gray’s funeral on Monday, only hours after the service ended. Police reported that many of the young people involved were throwing bricks and rocks at the officers in West Baltimore. Protestors also are responsible for destroying numerous neighborhoods, by breaking windows, looting businesses and even burning Police patrol cars. There were also “credible threats” that several gangs were attempting to “Take Out” Police officers.

Several news outlets reported that the suggestion to initially protest started on Social Media and that the rioters were initially mostly Middle School and High School students between the ages of 12 and 16 years old and do not understand the seriousness of their actions. Baltimore television and radio then followed the initial onset of response, which was later picked up nationally.

During a press conference on Monday, Baltimore Police Captain Eric Kowalczyk said that seven Police Officers had been injured including one who remains unresponsive and several had broken bones and that they are determined to find out who is behind starting the riots. Since that time, the injured Police toll is now up to 23.

In the meantime, the world is still waiting to hear WHO caused the death of Freddie Gray, whose back was nearly severed after his arrest on April 19th, and ultimately dying only days later.

The Gray Family attorney is also “Begging people to stop this,” and added that the kids surrounding this violence are disconnected.

As a result of the rioting, the game between the Oriels and the White Sox was postpone.

As of nightfall Monday night there were several massive building fires and up to 5,000 regional police officers being requested to help beef up security in Baltimore. The Maryland National Guards were also activated around 7:00p.m.

As of 3:00p.m., there are now new reports that Neighbors are trying to clean up their community as the push now goes out to remind the community that the violence MUST stop.

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