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Christians and Christianity in the media  have changed. In the 1980’s we saw the start of change in media.

What we thought of as the charismatic renewal was mostly white back then and largely in denominational churches. Today the growth seems to be mostly among independent charismatics. And there are huge churches pastored by African Americans. The Hispanic church also has become a force.

Sin in the church is not new, but it seems among some charismatics there is a new, lax attitude toward high-profile ministers who preach one thing and live another. The secular media hasn’t uncovered any such scandals lately, but they exist. And often the telltale sign is a divorce that follows.

Other leaders, not wanting to seem judgmental, look the other way, saying they can’t say much about divorce because it is so common. Yet they ignore the sin that led to the divorce. And it’s not just sexual sins that are the problem

Take a look at some of the biggest legal battles in modern times:


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