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I am dragging myself to the gym tonight because summer is here and I need my sexy back. But who knew that working out could literally improve your skin’s health?!

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I caught up with my good friend and celebrity trainer, Kacy Duke and asked her if working out will really save me a trip to the dermatologist–you’ll be surprised at what she had to say.

  1. Exercise increases blood flow and helps flush cellular debris out of your system, which supports the look and health of your skin. The easiest way to maintain that healthy glow? Be kind to your skin, take good care of it and get moving!
  2. Exercise tones muscles and reduces stress, both of which contribute to overall appearance of your skin. At times when you’re stressed, slack off on exercise or become too sedentary, your systems get sluggish and you start to lose that healthy glow. My advice? Grab your glow back and recommit to treating your body right!
  3. Your skin needs and loves moisture. Whether you’re just getting into an exercise groove, or are an experience pro, never forget that you have to hydrate inside and out. My favorite hydration tip for glowing skin? Drinking enough water before, during and after exercise, and massage in plenty of moisturizer as soon as I get out of the shower!
  4. What I love about exercise is it’s transformative power, inside and out. When you eat better, get enough rest and exercise regularly, your attitude shifts, you walk taller, have more confidence and you feel great. Not only does that total well-being help make your skin glow, but it boosts your mind, body and spirit — and that for me is the end-game!


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