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Bring order to your world with these organization tips from Good Housekeeping’s 125 years. Today we wrestle your piles of laundry!

4. Laundry Lowdown

Presort your lights and darks with either individual hampers, like a pair of lightweight scrunch cans, or a portable divided hamper — neither should be too big to fit in a corner of the bedroom or bathroom (which means family members are more likely to use them). Added benefit: You can do single loads without having to pull everything out of the hamper.

5. Skip the Hand-Washing

Most machines now have “delicates” settings that are gentle enough not to harm your finer things. Just make sure to contain underwear, bras, etc., in a mesh laundry bag that will allow water and suds to circulate freely. Also, don’t forget to fasten closures to cut down on tangles and snags.

6. Become Anti-Wrinkle

Avoid adding another task (ironing) to your laundry list by starting to hang and fold barely-dry items before the cycle ends. (Set a kitchen timer or your cell phone alarm for 10 minutes ahead to remind you.) Or utilize your dryer’s extended tumbling feature, which will fluff clothes minus any heat.