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By Esih Efuru
I recently recalled buying my first pair of high-heeled shoes. I was a junior in high school, and trying to create my own style in an environment of highly critical peers at my performing arts high school.  I purchased them hastily without trying them on, desperate to prove my “it” factor. I would show everyone that I had what it took to stand tall among the popular and creative.
            I strutted into the school auditorium on a windy spring Monday, beaming and doing my best Brook Shields catwalk, my long denim jacket flowing behind me as I patted my jheri curl shag hairdo. I felt like the queen of the streets, although my left foot felt a little wobbly. I ignored it and walked on. Suddenly, just as I headed to the stage where my buddies sat watching, my left foot went right and I tumbled, feet first. My glasses flew upward as I landed hard on my back and remained frozen as my friends roared with laughter.  It was a quite embarrassing moment then, but when I thought about the actions leading up to that moment, I laughed out loud. What made me buy shoes that were too high and one size too small? I chuckled at myself for the rest of the day.

             Have you ever come across a moment in your life that made you laugh at yourself? Wasn’t it fun to remember your innocence or lack of logic? When you really thought about it, you had to laugh because you knew that if you had the time to really process the decision, you might have done some things differently.  The laughter comes to you as you realize the gift of growth and lessons learned.
            Our experiences are rich with growth opportunities and moments to laugh at how we try to comprehend or fix what only God can. We also laugh at our immaturity, where we place ourselves in situations that give us a memorable thrashing, ones that we know we don’t want to relive. Every now and then I laugh out loud at the many times God has chastised me gently and even firmly because I tried to do his job or didn’t take his advice. When I consider how foolish or funny my actions were, I let out a huge roar, grateful for two of the most amazing gifts ever created: grace and mercy.
            God’s grace and mercy covers much of our debauchery and wandering. God knows that we are prone to rely on natural consequence to teach us valuable lessons versus divine logic. This is why he’s always there to pick up the pieces or iron out the wrinkles. It comforts me to know of his presence, when I know better and when I don’t. In my devotions, I often laugh out loud along with God as I realize how much I am loved and how many times favor could have passed over my internal residence. When you consider your mishaps and blunders, believe that God sent them to prove the eternal point: that we are created to rely on him, and he’s a much better conductor of life’s orchestra than we are.

Esih Efuru, a 43 year old writer, artist and minister, is raising a daughter in Charlotte, NC. Email her

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