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With a new year on the horizon there’s alot of talk about what will change for 2013!

Just listen and hear various ones say “Bring it on 2013,” “I’m not looking back,”  “I can’t wait for 2013 to get here,” to “I’m going after my dream” and “Dream Big in 2013.”

What a blessing to see so many sisters and brothers looking forward to the new year with excitement and anticipation.  However, I must ask, how do you attempt to move forward when you still have so much baggage that is STILL spilling all over you and others.

How do you move forward when you continue with the same games.  How do you move into new relationships carrying the same bad habits!  Are you not paying attention of your limited growth pattern for years now or do you have the mentality, “It’s them.  It’s not me with the problem!”

When do you stop and come clean with yourself!  When do you take your role of leadership seriously and understand, we live in a small world and what you do behind close doors will eventually come to light!  Understand, there are many people out here who are simply GOOD PEOPLE when it comes to serving the public, being in the publics eye or including congregations when there is a benefit.

However once away from the publics eye the games for many are just starting.  There is an apparent disconnect with some people in leadership roles who don’t or refuse to accept that their messy ways in dealing with people, hurts people, causing problems and a mistrust with others in leadership roles, from the Court House to the Church House!

May we all be more senstive to everyone trying to live their life during these difficult times.

Simply, if you are looking forward to 2013, then act like it! Let your light, life and lifestyle shine for Jesus Christ in all you!

Let God trust you with what he is trying to bless you with! 

Let God trust you with the people he has placed in your life and LET the people also be able to trust you!

Words from The Belle!

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