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The former hairdresser is living her dream. Although, Pugh sang in the church choir growing up, she never pursued a singing career until her husband, Donald Pugh, pushed her to record her first album, “Original Worship”, in 2009. “I never had that confidence in myself to think my voice was good enough to ever be [national],” she says. “My prayer has not been for me to be famous, not for me to be rich nor be this great star,” she says. ”My prayer has been that people’s lives will be changed and that somebody will be saved, healed, delivered, restored and renewed.”

The ministry aspect is what’s of the utmost importance to Pugh who sees herself as an evangelist first and a singer second which is why she spends so much time talking to people about their lives and even ministers to fans on Facebook. “When I was growing up I wanted to be a teacher and I wanted to be a movie star not knowing that God had a plan even much greater for my life that I am a teacher – a teacher of the gospel and I’m not a movie star as far as in the limelight but I am a moving star meaning that I’m a reflection of the light of Jesus.”

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