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By Douglas Wilson

The election season is here and the President and Democrats are in a good place to achieve victory in November. Nonetheless, every political expert has agreed that this will be a tough and close election. I have decided to lay out some key things I think can help the dems win in November.

1. The Senate should pass a budget: Although I understand where Sen. Reid is coming from, not passing a budget in 1,000 days to the average voter looks crazy. Remember we are trying to relate to voters and not pundits.

2. Pass small measures of Tax Reform. You are not going to get any huge legislation passed this year but if the President can send a bill up to the hill that would simplify the tax bracket this would help the economy more. Remember perception is everything.

3. Put returning Vets to work on building small grids, damns, solar panels, and wind turbines etc. This idea came from former President Bill Clinton in a News Week Article last year.

For the complete list click here.

Douglas Wilson worked on the 2008 presidential election and worked for the Mayor Anthony Foxx’s 2011 re-election.

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