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The storyteller shared that there was a terrible storm in a place unknown. During the storm a man began to tell others, “If I can manage to get on top of my house, there I can wait to see what the Lord is going to do.”

The Lord allowed him to get there and he had only been sitting there a short time, as he was praying and asking the Lord to save him from this terrible storm; a passenger in a boat yelled up to him, “I’ll go and get some help so we can get you out of here to safety!” The man on the roof yelled back, “no, that’s okay; I am waiting on the Lord.”

A short time later, there were some people on the roof top next to his that yelled over, “I’ve got a cell phone that is still working, give me your information so I can get some help for you too.” The man on the roof yelled back, “thanks so much but I am waiting on the Lord.” By now the man on the roof began to sing praise songs, somewhere he read that when you are “going through”, surrounding yourself with praise music was a good thing, and so he sang. Soon the people in the house next door were no longer there, seems that they were able to get some help. The man on the roof began to pray even harder, now “Lord, I know what I see, but, I am going to trust that you are going to save me too.” A short time later, a helicopter was flying over the house. The pilot yelled from the helicopter, “grab on to the rope I am going to drop so we can get you out of here!” The man on the roof said, no, I am waiting on the Lord.

Soon the storm waters overtook the house and the man perished. When he got to heaven, he asked the Lord, why didn’t you save me Lord? The Lord said, I did move, I sent a man in a boat, a neighbor with a cell phone and a helicopter, all sent in answer to your prayers.

I heard that story a long time ago and I have never forgotten it. I love it because it makes the point that we all need to be reminded of, 1 John 5:14-15 tells us that He hears us! And according to His will, He Will bless us. Sometimes we are so busy, looking for strobe lights with our blessings on it; we often miss the significance of people and situations that cross our path. But if we just stop, look and listen, our answers could be right before our eyes.

Tanya Wilson is an inspirational speaker and writer living in Charlotte. Write her at; or follow her on twitter @tw360you.