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Understanding the Glory of God is an essential part to the growth and maturity in the life of a believer.

In Pursuing the Glory, Bishop Neil C. Ellis profoundly reveals the various dimensions of the Glory of God, and how you can prepare, receive and maintain both the power and presence of God in your life.  He specifically discusses the revelation of glory that came to him, after vocal cord surgery in 2007 where he was literally in a place of silence for over 16 weeks.

“The first two weeks were the most difficult and frustrating; I almost placed God on the witness stand.  By the third and fourth week, my spirit had settled and I was able to manage my time and rest in the peace of God.  There was no pain whatsoever, just silence.  Did you get that?  No pain, just silence. During that time the Lord started speaking so powerfully that I was able to prepare 42 sermons and complete my tenth book, The Power of Pain.  Around the end of the third week, the Lord spoke very clearly to my spirit and said, “When I raise you up and release you to return to the pulpit, I want you to lead the way in getting my glory back into the church.  Out of those 42 sermons that I alluded to earlier, nine of those were messages on The Glory.”

You will never be the same when you pursue the glory!

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