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Mooresville, NC

Source: Budi Hardadi / Getty

The persistent issue plaguing Mooresville seems to have reached a resolution.

Over the past several months, a sizable sinkhole, spanning 40 feet in width, has emerged in the parking lot of a local tire shop, necessitating its closure due to safety concerns. In a recent development, the town has disclosed its acquisition of the property, intending to address the damage.

According to town officials, the purchase is financed by state funds, ensuring that no burden falls on taxpayers, says WCCB. Mayor Chris Carney attributed the sinkhole’s formation to a deteriorated pipe installed many years ago, a process unfolding over decades until the visible cavity appeared.

Following the closure of the shop, the town convened to make a decision, ultimately opting to procure the property. Efforts to rectify the sinkhole are underway, with expectations of completion by late summer. Concurrently, deliberations will ensue regarding future plans for the site.

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