By John Love

Why on earth would you want to do it like anyone else when your uniqueness is the greatest thing you possess; the greatest thing you have to share; the greatest light for you to languish in; the greatest yummy to flow across your senses?

Drink from your own cup babies and love it!

Drink from your own cup and offer up its contents like the stunning ambrosia it is!

Drink from your own cup knowing of its bottomlessness, knowing that only it can reeeaally feed you like you crave to be fed, knowing that only it possesses the succulence that will sustain you as you become the most ablaze force in the universe.

Why in the heavens would you deny us, me, them, and all of existence something we most definitely need – You….You unvarnished…You raw, pure, and essential…You delivered as You see fit…You as only You are able to roll out the gorgeousness…?

Drink from your own cup…then be kind enough to give us a taste.

John Love Jr. is a Charlotte-based actor, poet and meditative guide. Find him on Facebook.

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