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The Right Agenda

Matthew 6: 33

“But, seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness, and all these will be given to you as well.” NIV

Are your actions/motives pure? Or, do you have a hidden agenda? Do you come into situations and opportunities with a sincere heart? Or, do you come with the objective of personal gain?

When you pray to God, what are asking of Him?  Do you seek to do God’s will or your own will?

When God gives you access, influence, exposure, opportunity, financial gain, a voice of empowerment, skills/educational accomplishments and abundant resources, do you see them as just there for your own enjoyment and advancement? Well, you shouldn’t. They are not for you to flaunt, to waste or as a way to boost your ego. God allows these things, yes; HE allows all of these things and more including your health, to happen for you for one purpose, to help in the up building of His kingdom here on earth.

You may not work in a church, but your job, your family, your sphere of social and personal influence, your financial freedom and more are given to you so in turn you can give it back to Him through serving in ministry (time), financial giving (tithe), and using your skills to satisfy a need (talent) – Kingdom Building.

If you live a life with a “Matthew 6:33” spirit, you will never be without because God desires to bless those who seek Him first and desire to bless others with what they have been given.

So, ask yourself this question, “When I enter environments where I have access and influence, am I bringing God’s agenda with me or am I bringing my own agenda?” The best way to know that you are walking with the right motive/agenda in your heart is to first ask God what His agenda is for your life each day He allows you to see. This is done through prayer and reading His word. Once you do that, you will be confident that your answer will always be, “I am bringing God’s agenda with me”.

Walk in faith; live in love.

Mo Wood