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Recharge Your Soul

John 15:5

In this day of modern technology, we are on auto-pilot when it comes to making sure our cell phones, iPods, computers, etc. are charged up for our abusive use of them throughout the day.

We plug them up before we go to bed, so that they have power for the next day. And, during the day, we check to see how much juice they have, so if needed, we can plug them up wherever we are, to get them back to a full capacity. Bottom line, we give more attention to machines and the power they need than we do to our own selves and the power we need.

But, in John 15:5, we are reminded that God is the vine, the power cord, and we are the branches, the machines being connected to it. With Him…staying connected to Him…we can do ALL things….and, have constant power. But, absent from Him, we can do nothing…we lose our juice. And, you know when you have become disconnected from God’s power source when your attitude becomes stank, or when you negatively or dramatically react to something that happens to you. Had you stayed connected to the vine (your power source) when bad things occurred you would handle them or react to them in a better, more calm and productive way.

So, what am I saying? Just as you make a conscious effort to plug up your phones and the million other machines you can’t live without…make sure you take time to plug your soul up to God through prayer, meditation and reading His word. The bible is food for the soul. And, during the day, check your soul to see if it needs some more “juice”. If you find that your mood is shifting to a gear of less God and more self…than that is the signal that you need some recharging. Plug yourself up to your power source with a quick prayer to God, listen to some gospel music or if you have a moment, do some reading or deep meditation. We all need a recharge…LORD knows I needed one just yesterday; I went from singing praises unto God to being about ready to tell someone where to go and helping them on the journey. Those who know me…KNOW what I mean. LOL! Whew!

I tell folks all the time, what my man Steve Harvey says goes for me too….”don’t trip; God ain’t through with me yet!”

But, God is good…I turned on a gospel station and let the music recharge my soul. I needed to because I was about to enter into a brand new situation involving persons who had NOTHNG to do with my last situation…and, didn’t deserve to get the brunt of that. Now that is a word right there.

How often do we punish others for something someone else did and then get mad at them for reacting negatively to our actions? Take that and place it where it fits in your life. I know I just did.

Anyway, get recharged and be blessed.

Walk in faith; live in love,

Mo Wood


Monica Wood is one who faith walks even when she doesn’t want to. Through trial and error I have made some mistakes – not many are visible – but all have left a reminder of their existence. It is through the scars that I have learned what kind of faith I have and what kind of God I serve. And, for close to 4 years now I have been led to share some of my scars, during a season of “transparency”, in the form of daily or weekly or even monthly devotionals.

Over the years, I have received unsolicited feedback with surprising testimonials that were sparked by my transparent messages. All remarks and reactions have been a blessing and encouragement. However, I am led to write because I like to write out where I am and how God is working in it. Now my writings have a title, “MoMoments”. I pray this blessing will be a blessing.


Monica Wood is a business owner/entrepreneur. She is president/owner of MWPRINC, a full-service woman-owned/operated Public Relations consultancy specializing in Religious and Sports PR, Brand Development and Crisis/Reputation Management. Her passions include sports, reading, spending time with her family and friends and being an active participant in various ministries in her church, The Park Church. Her personal ministry has always been mentoring young girls. In 2004, Wood created Hiz Temple™, Inc. Initially created to spread God’s word through hip clothing, Wood soon realized that God wanted HT to make a larger impact on the lives of young people. Through scripture reference I Corinthians 6:19-20, Wood expanded HT to include creative ministry workshops and travels to churches and community groups speaking to young girls and women on how to love themselves and develop a relationship with God.