Last week, a former high school athlete was exonerated on rape charges after his accuser admitted she had lied about the sexual assault. In 2003,…

Via Majic Houston TMZ recently uncovered that former NBA star Steve Francis is being accused of sexual assault in Houston. According to police reports, the athlete allegedly “groped” a 20-year-old woman, Shauna Simien, through her clothing in Texas last year. She immediately went to the police. But this woman was no stranger to Francis, who […]

By Regina Bradley I’ve been keeping up with the horrific gang rape that took place in Cleveland, Texas. I’m unsure which sickens me more – the excuses made for grown men about why the rape took place, who to blame, or how the victim’s childhood is overlooked and dismissed because she “looked like” she wanted […]

VIA CHARLOTTE OBSERVER Charlotte Mecklenburg Police are warning women not to get out of their cars if they’re involved in a car accident at night. Police say a man rear-ended women in two separate car accidents. He sexually assaulted one woman and robbed another at gun point. Police say the man may be targeting women […]

Via: For residents of Yorktown Gardens apartments, it’s been a frightening week. After police said a string of sexual assaults might be connected, one woman said she’d starting keeping a knife near her bedside, and others stopped going out after dark. But on Thursday, residents were relieved when police arrested a man they say […]