Apple’s former CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs has died. An announcement was placed on the company’s website with his picture with the year he was born and the year he passed. He was 56 years old. “We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today,” read a statement by Apple’s board of […]

California — Before, during and even between classes at Hillbrook School this fall, seventh-graders have been spotted on the Los Gatos, Calif., campus, sometimes burbling Spanish or Mandarin phrases into the glowing screen in their hands, other times staring into it like a looking glass. iPads — the Apple of almost every adolescent’s eye — […]

via The iPad might be an expensive device, but Mervis Diamond Importers has done its part to ensure Apple’s pricing will always look cheap. The company announced on its site recently that it will offer a Diamond iPad for $19,999.