It’s a sad day for all ‘The Brady Bunch” fans. Praise100.9 and 92.7 has learned that Ann B. Davis aka Alice Nelson the housekeeper on the show died Sunday, June 1. The 88-year-old was an American star who played the role as housekeeper on one of the most popular TV shows of the 70s. […]

VIA: It is with deep sadness and great regret that we report the death of Albertina Walker. According to her publicist, the Gospel legend died this morning at 4:30 a.m. in her hometown Chicago. In early September, rumors of Walker’s passing had spread so wildly that she posted a message on her Facebook page […]

Marcus K. Garner — Atlanta Journal Constitution Movie producer Tyler Perry announced on his website,,  that his mother, Willie Maxine Perry, died Tuesday. Tyler Perry’s mother, Willie Maxine Perry, died Tuesday. “My mother is the wisdom of Madea, ” Perry said.  She was 64. “Thank you for all your prayers,” Perry said on the […]