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Rosa Parks gets Congressional Gold Medal

Source: William Philpott / Getty

Knowing our history is a strong part of the African American Heritage. We take the month of February as we do every year to celebrate the pioneers, difference makers and community changers that stand out in our community every day.

With this gallery we celebrate the women who pioneered the Civil Rights Movements from the Montgomery Bus Boycott, voters rights and education.

Here are your difference makers!

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1. Dr.Dorothy Height

Dr.Dorothy Height

Dr. Dorothy Height, comes to the National Press Club to listen to what Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings speech on educational opportunities in America. Height, born March 24, 1912, in Richmond, Virginia, is recognized as one of the preeminent social and civil rights activists of her time, particularly in the struggle for equality, social justice and human rights. Dr. Height has been president of the National Council of Negro Women since 1957. (Photo by Christy Bowe/Corbis via Getty Images) photography,people,one person,horizontal,education,washington dc,opportunity,listening,social issues,speech,national press club,dorothy irene height,margaret spellings

2. Septima Clark

Septima Clark

Charlestonians Septima Clark, seated, and Bernice Robinson, were teachers at the nation’s first citizenship school, begun on Jons Island in 1957. They helped enable African Americans to get voter registration cards. (Photo by Karen Kasmauski/Corbis via Getty Images) vertical,photography,people,full length,adult,looking at camera,portrait,senior adult,african-american ethnicity,sitting,school building,two people,lifestyles,domestic life,1980-1989,archival,social issues,racism,voting,dining room,senior women,hand on shoulder,politics and government,citizenship,voter registration,voting rights,imbalance,women’s suffrage,human rights

3. Fannie Lou Hamer

Fannie Lou Hamer

American Civil Rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer (1917 – 1977), from the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party delegatation, attends the Democratic National Convention, Atlantic City, New Jersey, August 22, 1964. (Photo by Warren K Leffler/PhotoQuest/Getty Images) vertical,photography,people,attending,usa,new jersey,atlantic city,north america,politics,activist,archival,human interest,election,political rally,1960-1969,democratic party – usa,photograph,politics and government,party conference,fannie lou hamer,human rights

4. Daisy Bates

Daisy Bates

Civil Rights activist Daisy Bates and churchgoers, October 22, 1959. (Photo by Afro American Newspapers/Gado/Getty Images) people,horizontal,black and white,activist,archival,human interest,1950-1959,black history in the us,human rights,daisy bates – civil rights activist

5. Amelia Boynton

Amelia Boynton

A civil rights marcher suffering from exposure to tear gas, holds an unconscious Amelia Boynton Robinson after mounted police officers attacked marchers in Selma, Alabama as they were beginning a 50 mile march to Montgomery to protest race discrimination in voter registration. vertical,photography,people,adult,african-american ethnicity,mid adult,men,two people,mid adult women,30-39 years,mid adult men,archival,gulf coast states,eyes closed,social issues,pain,police force,violence,protest,racism,1960-1969,protestor,voting,prejudice,courage,mile,politics and government,montgomery – alabama,marching,black civil rights,selma – alabama,unconscious,amelia boynton robinson,human rights,1965 selma marches,protest against excessive police force

6. Diane Nash

Diane Nash

Musician and actor Harry Belafonte, Freedom Rider Diane Nash and Freedom Rider Charles Jones discussing the Freedom Riders movement, July 14, 1961. (Photo by Afro American Newspapers/Gado/Getty Images) people,arts culture and entertainment,horizontal,musician,waist up,actor,music,motion,discussion,freedom,three people,black and white,archival,human interest,riding,1960-1969,photograph,harry belafonte,freedom riders – civil rights activists,social movement

7. Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks

MONTGOMERY, AL – MARCH 25: Rosa Parks speaking at conclusion of 1965 Selma to Mongomery Civil Rights March; Rev. Ralph Abernathy on left. On March 25, 1965 in Montgomery, Alabama. (Photo by Stephen F. Somerstein/Getty Images) photography,arts culture and entertainment,horizontal,usa,topics,topix,bestof,waist up,talking,decisions,archival,1960-1969,politics and government,rosa parks,black history in the us,1965 selma marches,montgomery bus boycott,ralph abernathy sr. – activist,social movement