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It must be hard enough being married to Denzel Washington with countless woman ready to bow at his Italian loafers and continually having to watching him transform into everyone but the man you grew to know. But, Pauletta Washington does it with grace and effortless poise. She’s been with Denzel since he was a garbage man and believed in his craft before we even knew who he was. As his career progresses he signs on to play different characters but his most recent role as a pilot who saves a plane full of passengers left her with a bitter taste in her mouth. Denzel told People Magazine “my wife was a little disturbed by this one to be honest.”

Pauletta knows him probably more than he knows himself, so we trust that her reaction is in good taste… To sooth Pauletta’s soul, we’ve put together a list of Denzel movies that don’t disturb us.


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1. Denzel Washington in “He Got Game”

As the father of the most sought after ball player in the country, Denzel brought to life the struggles and triumphs of a convicted felon in the Spike Lee-directed “He Got Game.”