from the Charlotte Observer by Alison Henry In honor of the new book “Undateable”  I decided to poll various members of the male species to see what they consider female deal-breaker behavior. After reading their responses, and getting a few “Save me!” glances lately from men on the street, I’m thinking this may be long […]

VIA CHARLOTTE OBSERVER Despite a move by two board members to implement pay cuts for CMS staff, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board voted last night to begin the process of laying off 600 teachers. With heavy hearts, and tied-hands the board voted 6-3 to reduce the staff and cut pay for assistant principals in preparation for […]

VIA: Women are accustomed to receiving compliments, from the street whistler (gag!) to the random at the bar to the sincere guy we are dating. However, aside from the mouths of their mamas, men are rarely on the receiving end of a sweet sentiment from a beautiful woman. So a girl who can fire […]

VIA: What is it about Wal-Mart that breeds so much trouble? It isn’t clear whether or not the person who made the announcement was an employee or just an intrepid racist shopper who found their way to the P.A. system microphone. Either way, apart from being ignorant, this stunt sounds really juvenile. The store […]

VIA ELEV8 Could Seek First The Kingdom be the outfit that picks up where Cross Movement left off? This band is the latest group I’ve discovered courtesy of Gerard Bonner’s Bonnerfide Radio show. While reminiscent of a new incarnation of The Roots, SFK has a refreshing vibe that crosses hip-hop, ministry, and musicianship to great […]

The N.C. Blumenthal Performing Arts Center announced its 2010-2011 Broadway Lights Series. The series features several award-winning and critically-acclaimed productions such as “Billy Elliot the Musical,” “Shrek the Musical” and “9 to 5: the Musical.” Among the new season’s line up is “Dreamgirls” at the Belk Theater Nov. 9-14.

Remember road trips with your parents? In my family, we battled to control the radio. If the trip was longer than 10 miles, my parents won. Dad inevitably popped in a cassette. Often he played contemporary jazz. I heard the Crusader’s “Street Life” so many times, I dreamed living the type of life Randy Crawford […]

VIA: After Sunday’s historic health care vote, one man took to his frustrations on twitter. Jay Martin, an African-American male who graduated from Vatterott College with an IT degree and lives in Federal Way, WA has recently taken to his twitter account to express his frustrations. It appears that Jay Martin is an anti […]

Terrell Boulware goes to Hickory Grove Library in East Charlotte to use the computers in his effort to find a job. Boulware has been unemployed for six months. At the library, he uses the computer to look for jobs and to send out resumes. Unless the county’s public library system raises $2 million, Boulware will […]

VIA: Get rid of that muffin top with these 7 slimming exercises that works in no time.

via NewsOne Though the House of Representatives made history last night by passing a sweeping health care reform bill, this fight is far from over. President Obama still has to sign the overhaul into law, and once he does so there remain several “fixes” to be made to the bill and a great deal of […]

The Denzel Principle is a humorous look at the age old complaint of the inability for African American women to find a “good man”.