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[UPDATE: 11:45 a.m via AP] Two law enforcement officials say a suspicious package that prompted an evacuation of CNN’s offices in New York City is believed to contain a pipe bomb. The officials said the CNN bomb was crude but operational and was addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan, a CNN contributor. [Original] According […]

Rae Carruth spent 18 years in prison after having the mother of his child shot while she was pregnant with their son. The woman died, but their child survived and is now 18-years-old. The young man was raised by his grandmother, and now Carruth wants to meet his son. Listeners have different opinions about what […]

Willie Moore Jr Show

I swear Zora (Lovie Simone) makes you want to grab her, shake her and yell LISTEN TO YOUR MOMMA LITTLE GIRL! But she’s 18 now and you can’t tell her nothing. All she knows is she’s leaving and her boo is on his way to pick her up. She walks out of her grandparents’ house […]

Jonathan McReynolds is a young gospel singer trying to figure out manhood and fame at the same time. McReynolds has been touring and soaking up all of the advice he can from older men because he feels he can never have too much good advice. “All of us in our 20’s are still just trying […]

Dallas police say Officer Amber Guyger, accused of fatally shooting neighbor in his own apartment, has been fired, reports the Associated Press. Guyger killed 26-year-old Botham Jean on Sept. 6 after she claims she mistook his apartment for her own. Police said in a news release that she was fired after an internal investigation found […]

Willie Moore Jr Show

Remember the song Warryn and Erica Campbell were working on during an episode of We’re The Campbells on TV One? The song is finished and the married couple is preparing to share it with the world! After years of spending so much time together in the studio as producer (Warryn) and singer (Erica), the forthcoming song, […]

When Willie heard Tori Kelly’s new music at her listening party he was taken aback by how beautiful the music was. “I think it’s because of what you possess,” he says her gratefulness and humble spirit come through in her music. Kelly feels blessed to be able to “do what I love” and on this […]

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So before we get into all the messiness that happens in this episode, can we take a minute to just say HEEEY MISS PATTI! (Suddenly, I’m in the mood for some pie.) Anywho, there’s a party going on at the Greenleafs tonight and it is LITTY! Bishop (Keith David) and Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) put […]

Whether it is a movie or TV show, Black fathers are often not shown as being positive influences in their families. Instead, we are constantly bombarded with story lines that create a misconception that all Black men are bad fathers. Nationally syndicated radio hosts and fathers, Rickey Smiley and Willie Moore Jr. participate in the “Fatherhood: […]

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  Things are heating up now for the Greenleafs after Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) dropped that bomb on Bishop James (Keith David) last week. She should’ve never come for Bishop with the threat of divorcing his black a**. He switches up the game on her and beat her to the punch. While enjoying the sunshine […]

For some, seeing Lynn Whitfield as a part of the Greenleaf cast was a surprise. She shares why she chose to be a part of the cast with Willie. She says that being a part of the Christian community has at times let her down, “at times when I really needed to be led.” It […]

Jekalyn Carr is a busy young woman. At only 21-years-old she is singer, songwriter, author, and motivational speaker. Recently she published a book called You Will Win and released a single at the same time. Carr talks to Willie Moore about her journey and what inspired her to write the book and song. She says […]