Terrorism is hard to define, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Any attack that targets innocent civilians may be called terrorism. These attacks are non-government sponsored attacks on innocent civilians. Due to the large amounts of terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, I have left attacks from those places off the list. 2002 […]

The secrecy of the Bush Administration and previous conspiracies have lead many to believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Still no conspiracy theorist has come up with a legitimate theory, but many have managed to cast doubt on the official explanation. If 9/11 was really an inside job, I’m sure it would be extremely […]

The tragic events of 9/11 have inspired several movies. Tales of heroism, fear and politics. These movies pay tribute to our fallen heroes, show the tension in the air after the events, the politics that led up to it and predicted the atmosphere after terrorism. 5. Fahrenheit 9/11 Michael Moore made an excellent documentary sbout […]

From the southside of Chicago to halls where he is the main speaker, the story of Farrah Gray is nothing short of inspirational. Gray, who…

For my first Easter Sunday in New York, I drove to Queens with my significant other to spend the holiday with a fellow alum from…

VIA: Gospel Singer Shei Atkins is fed up with ‘Judgmental’ Gospel audiences and will join a host of other singers who have chosen to take their music career the secular route. “Although I love God’s people, I can’t waste years trying to break this mentality and use that as an excuse for not doing […]

VIA: We know that social networks are gaining popularity for spreading the word of God but this may be a bit too much. Pentecostal televangelist Juanita Bynum might have offended some Facebook fans when she typed in tongues to her fans. Check out one of her posts.

First grade teacher Jennifer O’Brien of Paterson, N.J. made headlines last week back after referring to her class of mostly Black and Latino kids as “future criminals.” In a status update on her Facebook page O’Brien wrote, “I’m not a teacher – I’m a warden for future criminals,” according to Six hours later she […]

The world has become uncomfortable with the “revelation” that Dr. Martin Luther King’s family has been paid several hundred thousand dollars for the new memorial built for Dr. King in Washington. It turns out that the family is being paid a “management fee” of a little more than $800,000, partly in exchange for their support […]

DETROIT — President Barack Obama used a boisterous Labor Day rally to put congressional Republicans on the spot, challenging them to place the country’s interests above all else and vote to create jobs and put the economy back on a path toward growth. “Show us what you’ve got,” he said. In a partial preview of […]

When President Barack Obama last headlined a Labor Day event in Detroit (2008), he wowed the crowd by humming a few bars of Aretha Franklin’s hit “Chain of Fools,” while the Queen of Soul looked on. This year, the President will be the one who is serenaded when Aretha Franklin performs at the Labor Day Rally […]

U.S. Rep. James E. Clyburn believes that any plan to attack the debt and deficits will not work unless it includes ways to create jobs. And while the points of his message were worth hearing, it was the method he used that really caught my eye. Last week, he conducted a virtual town hall on […]