Get Up Erica

Licensed psychologist, author, and life coach Dr. Sabrina Jackson returns to the Get Up Church to give us some mental health tips to help us during this school year.

Author Dr. Ian Smith tells the Get Up Church why this may not be so much of a bad thing after all. Dr. Smith also gives us tips on how to get past the plateau.

This week, Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG is “Don't Fear Pain, It Can Lead To Glory.”

The Mid-Term elections are less than 3 months away and we need to be prepared for not only the candidates but the some of the new laws that have been put in place. Judge Melodee Armstrong comes to the Get Up Church today to give us what we need to know.

This week, Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG is “The Result Of Hard Work Is Success.”

  Want news at your fingertips? Text “ERICA” to 52140 to join our club. (Terms and conditions)   President Joe Biden last week announced the Student Loan Relief Plan but how does it affect HBCU grads? With over 43 Million Americans set to benefit from Student Loan relief, HBCU students look to be the biggest beneficiary […]

Mayo is pushing the message of God and fighting for the youth in his hometown of Richmond, VA. Mayo is a school resource officer. He talks to Erica about reaching the youth and his goal to end the school to prison pipeline.

This week, Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG is “Laugh Big Bold and Best.”

Need tips on how to keep our teeth healthy and strong?  We welcome Dr. Rico Short to the Get up Church. He's a micro surgical root canal specialist.

Wake Up & Win With Dr. Willie Jolley Principles To Win BIG: Keep Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Reed talks to Get Up's Erica Campbell about the role that black sororities and fraternities in society today. Reed also sheds a light on some of her long-term goal while she is the International President of the illustrious Sorority.