Bishop Anthony Jinwright told jurors Tuesday that everything he owns – house, cars, even his funeral home business – has been put up for sale.

Pastor Anthony Jinwright took the stand in his fraud and tax evasion trial Tuesday afternoon and said he now realizes he was paid too much and that his compensation was a burden to his church. Jinwright's testimony drew a packed house to the trial which has stretched over more than two weeks.

The groundbreaking opera "Porgy and Bess" moves to the Belk Theater this year. The opera captures black life in a fictitious community in Charleston, S.C. The Charlotte production stars Leonard Rowe as Porgy on Saturday and Sunday and Kevin Short as Porgy on Friday and Saturday. Donita Volkijn stars as Bess and Reggie Whitehead as Sportin' Life. The opera will be at the Belk from May 14-16.

Three high school students have been singled out for making special contributions to their communities as honorees in the annual Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.

VIA: If you are sniffing, sneezing and have itchy eyes, you are not alone.  Americans all across the country are suffering during one of the worst allergy seasons in years.  Reports from weather experts say this spring is an unusually bad season because of the very cold winter.  Many plants may have bloomed later […]

Financial forecasters are reporting the recession is over, but the relief hasn't reached the homes of everyday people yet. A radio commentator mentioned recently that we need to brace ourselves because there will be another wave of foreclosures due to interest rates that are scheduled to reset in the next coming months.

Former gang leader Andre Norman spoke at a Saturday workshop put on by Charlotte's Mount Peace Missionary Baptist Association.

Fantasia Barrino and her mother, Diane Barrino-Barber, work it out on this song on the Celebration of Gospel, which aired at the top of the year.

In Day 11 of the Jinwright trial, an Atlanta-based accountant said he twice conducted certified audits for Greater Salem City of God but declined to do a third year after the church failed to adopt financial controls recommended in the first two audits.

Ask Michael B. Platt to explain his work, and the Washington, D.C., artist hesitates for a moment. He has been described as a “printmaker” (he prefers the phrase image maker), someone who takes photography and manipulates it to create something that’s entirely different – not exactly a photo, not exactly a collage, and certainly not a painting or drawing. Platt calls it “computer-generated imagery.”

The trial of Anthony and Harriet Jinwright of Greater Salem City of God stretches into Day 10. It gives us an inside look at a mega-church, and we may not like what we see. The extravagance of the Jinwrights has sparked some heated discussion about faith and opulence. QcityMetro has been following the trial from the beginning.

Marvin Sapp will perform on Good Morning America at 7 a.m. He performs in Charlotte Sunday.