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Peachanda DuBose

Source: Peachanda DuBose / Peachanda DuBose

Peachanda DuBose has earned her stripes in the stage industry.  As Author, Director and Screenwriter, Ms. DuBose continues to bring a host of inspirational plays to the stage.  Founder of Mayan Productions and the Mayan Industry Awards, Ms. DuBose has under her belt two books, ‘Reflections of Me’ and ‘Unbreakable.’ Her stage productions include, “The Devil Thought he Had Me, ‘Mr. Harold Behave;’ ‘Surrender,’ and ‘Even a Wretch like Me.’ ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland talked with Peachanda Dubose about her recent “Home Town Champion” award given by Radio One Inc., at the 47th Annual NAACP Awards.