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The 114th United States Congress will meet on the first Tuesday of 2015. And with Republicans controlling both Houses of Congress, Mr.Obama is sure to face even greater opposition during the final two years of his presidency.

But the final few weeks of 2014 marked improvements in President Obama’s approval ratings. It remains to be seen if Mr. Obama’s approval ratings will provide him political cover when he’s required to use his Veto pen. An Executive Action on Immigration began the upswing in opinion polls for Mr. Obama. Projections of upward of 9 million new enrollees for the Affordable Care Act all but hushed calls for repeal. Steady growth in jobs and a decline in the national unemployment rate – which is now in the mid 5% range – is also an added boost to the economy. And, gas prices continue to fall putting extra money in the pockets of the American people.

Do all of these successes spell an end to the “Great Recession” inherited by President Obama? Will reestablished relations with Cuba and Russia’s decline provide Mr. Obama enough political capital to stave off the huge fights ahead with the Republican controlled Congress? ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland delved into the political dynamics facing President Obama with Conservative radio talker, Henry Hollingshead.