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Happy 2015!

Now is the time for  a brand new start! Try these 3 steps  for a better you.

1. Give yourself positive feedback

Whether it’s a verbal pat on the back, or a smiley face sticker on a calendar (yes, even for adults!), it’s important to give ourselves credit for progress that we make.

2. Re-Evaluate

Periodically, you should evaluate your progress and decide whether you want to continue working toward the same goal. Sometimes, you may want to shift to something else, or make some tweaks to your goal. “If we are constantly checking in, we are constantly improving,” Ruskin said.

3. Get fit by doing less

Instead of completely overhauling your diet and exercise plan, or resolving to vaguely work out more to get in better shape this year, I challenge you to do less! Start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

4. Read Something Everyday

Don’t just click like on a picture on Facebook or drift over a tweet. Click he link and read the information. Share that one fact with your social world. Remember each one teach one!

5. Spend time in prayer

We all have busy schedules but The Lord deserves our thanks. When you begin or end your day take the 3 minutes to pray! It will make a big difference. Yo will be building the one relationship that can and will get  better.



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