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Pastor Wayne Chaney & First Lady Myesha Chaney

By Sheilah Belle

TBR — Los Angeles, CA — (September 1, 2014) – The ”Preachers of L.A.” are back for another season on the Oxygen Network, with an intimate view of what it takes to balance love, ministry, and family. Recently, we got a chance to catch up with Pastor Wayne Chaney and his First Lady Myesha Chaney and their role on the hit show.

From being recognized as one of thee most affectionate couples on the show to balancing ministry and their personal life, the Chaney’s held nothing back as they spoke exclusively with us here at The Belle Report.

TBR: Has the “Preachers of L.A.” changed your life?

WC: It has been a wonderful experience. Of course there is increased exposure with a great ministry going on at the church, people are being drawn in who normally wouldn’t have come through the church doors, but outside of that, it has taught us a lot about ourselves. It has taught us about our fortitude, how to push through situations, and it has been a great experience along with working with some great people.

TBR: What do you have to say to the people who have and are still watching Preachers of L.A. with a judgmental eye?

WC: Well anytime you are a pioneer, you’re going to get criticism. It comes with the territory. We knew that coming in and I don’t think there is any man who is apart of the show who wasn’t aware of that, but at the end of the day, I think we are winning them over by what we have produced. People have seen it. I also think the critics have died off and every now and then we may see a few more, but at this point I think we have moved from critics to haters. Most of the people who were critical up front, I think came from the initial sizzle reel, and there was quite a bit there, but I think there was also a masterful performance given on the reel too. However let’s not forget there is a partnership between the Christian producers and a network that wants to entertain.

I don’t want the only role models for young

Black Americans to be like between,

Love & Hip Hop’s Stevie J and Joseline

MC: I also think that it’s entertainment. We’re characters, so we learn not to take it personal. People have things they are going to say and it’s not reflective of you or what you stand for, but its apart of this process. There’s just no way to do, and not have people have an opinion.

WC: If anything, we are getting more love this year than before, and this year we’re going to give you guys a lot of great scenes. You’re going to see a lot of emotion, you’re going to see some real family struggles, some humor and you’re going to see a lot more of the Chaney’s this year. But I think we’re getting a lot more love this year and yeah, every now and then there may be someone who’s critical, but overall, we are seeing the love.

TBR: Speaking of love, how do you deal with so many viewers talking about the affection you two share and don’t shy away from even while on camera?

WC: Well, sometimes there is some criticism that comes with that display of affection, but we are intentional about that. We were doing that though, even before the show aired. We want people to know, you can be young, saved, fly and in love. That’s the way God wants it. I don’t want the only role models for young Black Americans to be like between, Love & Hip Hop’s Stevie J and Joseline. Again, No shade, at all, but I think we need some alternatives imagines and Christians sometimes, and I’m one of them, we can be more spiritual than the Bible. For example, if we were to contemporize the Psalm of Solomon, you couldn’t even play the words on the radio as it relates to how suggestive it was and that’s the Holy Word of God. So yeah, we want to champion that and hopefully make marriage sexy again.

TBR: So First Lady, do you like that role?

MC: I’m totally fine with it. I chart my own territory, I do it the way I feel and I’m not the Christian Barbie Doll, just waving and just pretending. We are real people who love the Lord!

You can catch up with Pastors Wayne & Myesha Chaney at their Antioch Church, 1535 Gundry Avenue in Long Beach, CA.

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