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Donald Guy acknowledges that years of unhealthy eating and genetics contributed to the health crisis he’s grappling with today. Standing at 6.2, Guy has dropped considerable weight and is preparing for major 12 hour surgery to insert a heart pump into his chest until a viable heart becomes available.

The 41 year old former videographer and camera operator with WTVI PBS Charlotte and Carolina School of Broadcasting graduate, who has a passion for film and documentaries, suffered heart failure in 2013. Despite efforts to treat his heart disease with a bevy of medications, Guy’s heart is only functioning at between 11 and 17 percent.

Seven months after his initial diagnosis, Guy was rushed back to the hospital in February to relieve fluid that surrounded his heart and lungs. And after nearly a year of being out of work because of his heart condition, Guy connected with Give Forward, an online fundraising website that helps people with medical and a host of other expenses. As Guy prepares for surgery on Monday, he talked with ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland, about his health crisis and efforts to encourage others, especially black men to have regular doctor checkups.