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Loving yourself is a journey that dares you to behold your most vulnerable self and be courageous enough to embrace authenticity. If you dare to take yourself fully in, you’d be surprised and delighted to discover all of the wonderful parts of you that you take for granted every day. Each living soul is stocked full of beauty, talent, power and potential. If you can identify, appreciate and support the wonder in others, why can’t you bestow some of the attention on yourself?

Many of the choices we make and the wishes we carry regarding love are connected to the self-love that we most desperately need but are afraid to tap into or share. If you really knew how wonderful you are, the opportunities for greatness and fulfillment of dreams would blow your mind! We can’t even fathom a love supreme, a care so deep that it provides everything we need within us. God grants mercy each moment of the day as a reminder that you are worth living and that you have all of the love resting within you that you need.

Life is waiting for you to internalize love like you know that you are worth more than the human mind can conceive. Loving yourself with a passion satisfies your heart. Loving yourself with true knowledge of how amazing you are and what you’re made of transcends your soul and spirit. You land at a place where you take in the world, people, things and ideas with an elevated perspective, where the impossible is invalid and fear is the minority.

What do you have to lose by loving yourself enough to live your dares out loud? Can you believe that your life is its own yellow brick road? As you store your V-day cards away and smile at your photos, stop by a mirror and give yourself a huge hug and a wink. Tell yourself something that you’d like to hear. Make a love promise that will make you blush because you’re just that happy. When you love like you know, you love as God intended.