For the first time since President Obama took office, national unemployment dropped below 7 percent. January’s jobs report signals a downward trend in national unemployment, but the report also signaled a mixed bag. The City of Charlotte and surrounding areas saw its unemployment numbers drop to 6.9 percent. But unemployment in the Black Community still hovers in the low teens nationwide. Although the national unemployment rate is now 6.7 percent, only 74,000 people were hired in the month of December – far below expectations. October and November showed stronger numbers, reaching well over the 200,000 mark – the strongest numbers since the recession. Analysts say bad weather contributed to the slow growth in hiring. Unfortunately, 1.3 million Americans still languish in uncertainty as Congress wrangle over how to extend unemployment benefits. Making matters worse for the long term unemployed is the persisting attacks and vilification from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, conservative members of Congress, Right Wing Bloggers and Pundits. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland, delves into all of these issues on Praise 100.9 & 92.7, Charlotte’s Inspiration Station.

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