by Ron Holland

I’ve been pondering the physics of space & time. I’m utterly fascinated with quantum mechanics. I’m intrigued by string theory, the big bang, quasars, singularities and black holes. The nearest quasar to Earth according to experts is about 2.44 billion light years away. Astrophysicists say the energy output of light in one of our nearest quasars is equivalent to one trillion suns. Speaking of a sun, consider this: The length of time for the particles at our Sun’s core to reach its surface to light the entirety of our solar system is 100,000 years. The sunshine that photosynthesizes today’s plants and crops and the rays we basked in last summer was created during Earth’s last ice age.

Also awe-inspiring is what may exist on the other side of the ceiling, floor and walls of our Universe. Perhaps there are dimensions with physics too incomprehensible for us to fathom. Perhaps there are realms that exceed the reach of time. Perhaps Heaven is on the other side of the wall of our Universe. The size of our Universe, though rapidly expanding, must be structured in a way that lends itself to edges and boundaries, thus leading to the theory that, as many astrophysicists believe, is a Multiverse or multiple Universes. The plausibility of multiple Universes rivaling or perhaps eclipsing the size of our 13.8 billion year old Universe is utterly fascinating. Such wonder. Such splendor. And GOD created it all. Looking up into the Heavens to behold the majesty of creation is beyond a privilege, it’s our reverential obligation. For our Holy and Righteous GOD spoke this world into existence. The majesty and magnificence of creation is a mere reflection of GOD’S authentic WORD.

The WORD of GOD is far beyond any text written by man. For the laws that govern the gravitational pull that binds us to Earth or keeps planets, galaxies and solar systems apart or from colliding is actually the authentic WORD OF GOD. Human hands have nothing to do with GOD’S WORD. And because of Man’s fallibility, doctrine, creeds and dogma will never sufficiently perceive, convey or comprehend the full weight of GOD’S actual WORD.

The true written WORD OF GOD isn’t penned on paper, papyrus, parchment or found in ancient or contemporary religious documents. GOD’S written WORD isn’t subject to Man’s gross fetes of arrogance or abuse. Even the withering and decay we witness in this material world is governed by a code and language so far beyond our comprehension, that even our latest scientific advances fall understandably short. In reality, time is even incapable of infringing on the true written WORD OF GOD. For GOD’S true inerrant WORD is written in the simplicity of a leaf and the complexity of a newly born star. The true written WORD of GOD is the invisible force that undergirds the functions of the world in which we exist. It is perceivable, yet incomprehensible.

In GOD’S WORD, electromagnetism, Earth’s gravity and the intricacy of our solar system was written in a language devoid of human tampering and blemish. Our brightest scientific minds may have glimpsed the rudimentary principles of Earth’s magnetic field, but the Author’s WORD works in tandem with the three other fundamental forces of nature. Thus, the physics that move oscillating charges along magnetic fields that simultaneously produce waves of continuous energy allows us to enjoy music on the radio or food heated by a microwave.

So as far as GOD’S actual inspired WORD, I see no mistakes or contradictions in the Sun’s ability to grow a flower or the Moon’s magnetic pull on our oceans. The benefits of rain, storms or strong winds doesn’t require hermeneutics or feckless discernment. If a monstrous F-5 tornado barrels across the plains of the mid-west is initially caused by butterflies flapping their wings in a far off hemisphere, that causal effect, scientifically termed Sensitive Dependency, is governed by a mathematical and physics sequence we’re only beginning to understand.

Organized religion, with its theological positions, councils, creeds, decrees; tenets, dogma, doctrines; “holy writs,” rituals and traditions to promote and sustain adherence to faith, fail miserably to convey GOD’S true WORD. Theirs is of human origin, written as instruments of control and social order. To so many of GOD’S children, his authentic WORD, his tamper and blemish-free language; the beauty of nature and majesty of our Universe is obscured by errant religious text. Man’s natural inclination to see, feel, experience and observe the majesty of GOD through the wonder and splendor of his creation has been supplanted by religious fundamentalism, political absolutism and social control – especially by use of scripture, irrespective of religion.

This is not to besmirch the bible or any other religious text. For the Proverbs gives us wisdom. The poetry of the Psalms gives us hope. The book of Job helps us to cope with struggle. And, the words attributed to Jesus provides us an unrivaled moral and spiritual clarity. But when you juxtapose the language of GOD governing the Nuclear Strong Force with Paul’s attempt to silence women in church, we see the stark difference between perfection and flawed. We also see the difference between the WORDS of GOD and the words of man. Because in GOD’S language, the Nuclear Strong Force which, if decreased by a mere 5%, would render the stars in our night sky non-existent. In the words of Man, innocent women, children, babies are ruthlessly slaughtered at the behest of a supposedly jealous god; dozens of children are mauled and killed by bears as “divine” punishment; and a supposed fallen angel is dragging millions of souls to Hell. For me the evidence is clear, the language of GOD governing our very existence is more perfect and absolute.

The written codes of nature and creation are free of error and Man’s religious absurdities. The real inspiration of GOD’S WORD arrives to us in the morning dew, a bright sunshine, a brisk wind; a light show that sweeps across the northern hemisphere when charged particles from the Sun’s winds interact with Earth’s magnetic field; a sky strewn with an array of awesome colors at dusk and dawn; a moonlit sky and canopy of twinkling stars; and the delicate dance between space and time. Are you not struck by what occurs to a leaf at the approach of Fall? Can you appreciate that the scent of a rose in the Spring is eclipsed only by its beauty? Are you not awed by the written language encoded deep in our cells and DNA partly determining the behavior and characteristics of every human being?

As the Bighorn Ram roams the slopes of the Rockies, a landscape of snow-capped mountains and towering Evergreens treat the eyes to an awesome display of Winter beauty. And as we consider Nature’s rigid adherence to the change of seasons, I’m reminded of how the Isley Brothers got it right: a “Summer breeze makes me feel fine” – especially as you drive along the shores of the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. Yes, our worship is in our Creator, not creation. However, to truly appreciate GOD’s inspired WORD, we must all understand that it’s not in any text written by the hands of Man, which is subject to error, fallibility and an often sinister arrogance. GOD’S truly inspired and written WORD is the unmistakable purity that undergirds his creation.

Ron Holland is the host of the Public Affairs show, ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ on WPZS -100.9 & 92.7 FM, Charlotte. He’s also a Producer and Board Operator for WOSF – Old School 105.3 FM. Ron is also a Production Assistant with all three stations. Any thoughts on this week’s commentary send Ron an email:

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