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Civil rights leaders Rev. Joseph Lowery and Rep. David Scott expressed their reservations about President Obama‘s judicial choices for Georgia this morning on “NewsOne Now.” Lowery noted that since 1978, only three judicial nominees have been African-American. “That’s not fair,” he said. “That’s not judicial. That’s not democratic.”

Rep. David Scott also spoke out about the lack of color for nominees, saying that the choices were insulting to African Americans, and that the President is making a huge mistake.

“We believe these people are not qualified to serve on Federal court,” said Scott. “We’ve reminded the President long after he’s retired these people will still be on the courts spreading their mischief.”

“This is a national issue,” Lowery said, “and I want every African-American who values freedom and equality to understand what a tragic, terrible mistake the President has done. And it’s not only insulting to us, here in Georgia, but to every African-American who values their heritage.”

Watch the entire exchange below, and be sure to tune in to NewsOne Now with Roland Martin, weekdays at 7 a.m. EST.

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