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VIA: @wweyewriter on Twitter

African tribal art has many uses. Masks are used in village ceremonies. Carvings are made to protect the village from bush spirits and textiles used to clothe, decorate and demonstrate domestic skills. Jewelry is crated to adorn the body. You can own many these various types of tribal art by purchasing it online at African Tribal Art.

The site features pieces like:

  • Bo Nun Amun, mask from the Ivory Coast. This wooden, helmet-style mask combines a gazelle face, surmounted by a snake coiled around a tuft of raffia and a lizard in its flared nostrils jaw.
  • Fang, a wooden mask with four faces on a black iron stand from Gabon.
  • Tanzanian puppet carvings joined by cloth. The arms and legs are articulated and the puppets are mounted on a lucite base.