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South Carolina Democratic Senate nominee Alvin Greene during an interview with Keith Olbermann on “Countdown.”

Keith Olbermann has played several roles over his long media career, but on Thursday he may have had his closest brush with being a dentist.

Interviewing Alvin Greene was like pulling teeth.

Greene, the upset winner of South Carolina’s Democratic Senate primary, appeared on Olbermann’s ‘Countdown’ to discuss his surprising campaign. His brief answers reinforced the image that Greene is not a traditional candidate.

But is he a legitimate candidate? Asked about speculation that he may be a Republican plant, Greene insisted he has always been a Democrat and will continue to be one in the future.

The other thing that Greene made clear during the stilted and somewhat awkward interview was that he intends to see the race through, despite the wishes of his own party. Among Democrats’ concerns is a pending felony charge involving obscenity.

In his sharpest moment of the show, the newly minted politician made it clear that he feels his brief record stands on its own merits. “I had sixty percent of the vote. Sixty percent of the vote is not luck. That’s a decisive win.”

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