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By Esih Efuru

The month of June symbolizes many transitions and elevations. Weddings, commencements, Juneteenth and Black Music Month all share this time of suspense, accomplishments and transition. What is true of all is the new realities, awkwardness, indifference and even opposition that lie among their pavements of motion. Each step in a milestone is sure to have a few bricks rolling in the road to distract you or awaken you. However, every step, bead of sweat, fallen tear and headache is your destiny birthed through God’s will, your platform for success. It’s your doorway to the “R.E.A.L.” deal.

The key to remaining grounded as you elevate transition or “marry” your next amazing feat is to be aware of where your mind is as you embrace greatness. The Apostle Paul encourages us to consider things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable and praiseworthy. Those adjectives are enough to keep light surrounding you. Your goals don’t have room for anything contrary to these life-giving virtues. Destiny is a fancy word for God’s ultimate “hook-up,” the R.E.A.L. deal written on your birth certificate way before you arrived on the planet. Here’s how it looks:

R-Redeemable You can claim it!

E-Evident It’s obvious that you’re a winner!

A-Accessible You can have it!

L-Likely It’s going to happen for you!

Think like a winner! You’re already set up. You must focus on the prize as you embark on new journeys. God and your loved ones are there to help you along the way. Just look around; they’re waving at and cheering for you. Focus on their love and support, and let anything that is negative inspire you to push even harder. We don’t have the magic to know what lies ahead, but if we’re focused and thinking positive, we’ll have the reward of testimony, where we can recall how love, positive thinking and support helped us surge ahead to success. Psalmist Donald Lawrence said it best: “Before you were born, you were destined to live blessed. You are “kingdom”; you have rights.”

This month, look at all you’ve achieved. You’re a champion and a warrior! You are enroute to the fulfillment of your dreams. As you graduate to new levels of life, wed your purpose and set your soul free, stay grounded in the love and will of God, who really means for you to prosper. You have everything that it takes, and if you embrace and maintain a “kingdom” mindset, your success will always keep be redeemable, evident, accessible and likely.

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