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Esih Efuru

When I was a little, I wanted to be a teacher, sashay like Diana Ross in the movie Mahogany, and live in a library. As I matured, I held those dreams sacred, but they became less tangible as my need for love, intimacy and safety increased. As an adult, I used freedom and opportunity to dare my dreams into existence. Destiny gave me the baton, and I sprinted towards what I thought was the winning race.

New Year’s eves, funerals and birthdays jolted me and triggered my hunger for dreams deferred. Once they passed and life’s routine resumed, my dreams became wallpaper, and I ran on, glancing at my potential every now and then. The wallpaper faded, and I’d see glimpses of dreams that I thought to be long past me. The amazing thing about dreams, however, is that they’re very persistent. They’re part of God’s interior design team and will wrestle with you, as Jacob wrestled the angel for his divine blessing. Our dreams know who we are and want us to thrive!

Every dream has a layer of your truth within it. God planted the dreams within you first. They’re ordained to be your paparazzi.

Your life is the conditioning agent that equips you to receive and cultivate them as they grow and bless your life, and the lives of those around you. While you may not have a clue about what God is doing, God is clear. This explains why some of your experiences, “transfer agents”, redirect you towards destiny and away from people, places and things that are not aligned with your truth and potential. If you search deep within your heart for truth, for the things that genuinely make you happy and whole, you’ll find your dreams, confirming that every step you’ve been allowed to take has lead you in that direction, whether you’ve wanted to take those steps or not.

If God allows, I’ll celebrate my 44th birthday this weekend. I did get to sashay like Diana Ross (as model, actress and vocalist), become a teacher (for 11 years) and live in a library of words, where my truth and gifts for the world currently reside. The greatest gift of my life thus far is that it is a miracle of dreams, for God has expanded my understanding of dreams come true and chosen me to live out the favor of his dream, in a way I could have never imagined.

Life is an epic of faith and favor through the grace and mercy of God and never-ending love. All that you wish to do can be accomplished through trusting him. To see and acknowledge where the love of God can land you keeps you excited to dream, because God will, the anchor, lovingly and faithfully carries through the relay of life. Trusting that God hears your heart and knows it best, and allowing him to answer is the ultimate truth, the dream come true within you.

Esih Efuru, a 43 year old writer, artist and minister, is raising a daughter in Charlotte, NC. Email her

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