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Have you ever found yourself waking up, morning, after morning, after morning — staring up at the ceiling, wondering: “Ok, Lord…exactly where is my life going?”

At one time or another, we will all experience some level of doubt about where we are headed, and in what direction our next steps should take us.

But if you experience an on-going, nagging feeling in your gut that your life is headed off-track…out of purpose…and away from your God-given dreams, visions, or goals — it becomes of vital importance to ask the Lord for His guidance in helping you get back on your path to purpose!

I decided long ago that I wasn’t the least bit interested in spinning my wheels, and did not want to go through life ‘casually meandering’ the time away. I chose to ask God to show me the destination He wanted me to reach – and I continued asking Him. Because even when I wasn’t quite sure where I was headed next, I realized how valuable and important the journey was!

Do you have a sense of ‘destination?’ Are you on God’s path, heading toward a God-inspired goal? If you aren’t sure, now is a good time to re-commit to discovering your God-given destiny. And the wonderful thing is – with God on your side, it’s never too late to rediscover your path to purpose!

That’s because, whether you realize it or not, God is already leading you somewhere. Just wondering whether you’re not on track or not means you’re most likely hearing the ‘small still voice’ of His Holy Spirit — reminding you that it’s time to get back on your path to purpose.

The fact is, life happens. And during times of challenge and difficulty, of upheaval, transition, or chaos, it’s easy to lose a clear sense of purpose and direction. In fact, during challenging times, it’s most important to allow God to take you through the ‘process’ and accept – through the power of His grace – the change, separation, trial, and ‘cross to bear’ you might be experiencing.

But when you begin to regain strength – or, begin to feel that tugging inside – you know it’s time to begin to seek God’s guidance in order to get back on the path to your destination… your God-given destiny!

A path lies between where you ‘are’ and where you are ‘headed to.’ It’s a journey through space and time, filled with seasons, situations, experiences, and relationships.

Know that while you are on the path to purpose, the landscape along the way may change dramatically! God may lead you to new and unfamiliar places, ask you to step outside your comfort zone, and encourage you to use talents, giftings and skills in new ways.

God will be calling you down a path that is uniquely your own – so it’s very important that you avoid comparing yourself to anyone, or to any other set of circumstances, when you’re trying to discover your own authentic path.

In fact, if necessary, God will ask you to separate yourself from certain people, relationships, places or circumstances, if any of those are getting in the way of you discovering your purpose.

You may want to begin to carefully examine every aspect of your current existence, and determine whether the things that are part of your comfortable, and ‘safe’ day-to-day life are aiding you in — or deterring you from — getting back on your path to purpose.

At the same time, God will always be there walking that path with you – and, when necessary, during certain seasons, times, and places during your journey, He will provide you with others who can walk alongside you — who are positive, supportive, and nurturing…as you journey along the path to the purpose God has for you.

Now, you may be thinking, “But Paula – I’ve tried doing this before, and it didn’t work out!” My answer to you is “try again.” If it’s truly part of God’s destiny and plan for your life, and you stay on the path, then it will come to pass – no doubt about it. But if you are on the wrong path…or allow yourself to be waylaid, deterred, or distracted from your goal…you will be responsible for where you end up!

Don’t give up! Remember: faith, perseverance, patience, and trust in God will be a big part of this journey toward rediscovering your purpose. But the time is now – and the choice is yours.

God will be there waiting for you! So go on – take a deep breath…put on your walking shoes…and get back on your path to purpose!

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