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Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario, also known as “America’s Marriage Doctor,” is out to help couples and their marriages succeed. Maybe  if Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony would have seen her their marriage would have lasted.

What Kind Of Wife Are You?

Everyone, she said, goes into marriage with a “vision” for what it should be like, but when things don’t go as planned many couples end up divorcing. Del Rosario spoke to The Christian Post on Tuesday about marriage and offered some key points for maintaining a stable marriage.

“I think that most people start off with a vision for their relationship,” she said, “but they don’t know how to bring that vision to manifestation. They lack the skill. They lack the knowledge. And they just lack the tools to make those manifest.”

She suggested that that the typical American view of marriage is not what God had in mind for the union of a man and his wife.

There are five keys to creating and maintaining a stable marriage relationship, Del Rosario said, and they are as follows:

1) Compatibility – “That’s the absolute, ultimate key,” she said. “Being congruent with your mate; being a suitable, compatible mate for a lifelong relationship.”

People should check to see if they’re compatible with their mates before getting married, but they should also continue to do so even during marriage. “We can purposefully and wisely ensure that we’re navigating … through some of those channels of life, or courses of life, in unison.”

2) Communication – “Communication is sharing, talking, stay on the same page.”

3) Authenticity – “Authenticity is just being yourself,” she said. “I think that we need to be able to be loved as the person that we really are. And we remove a lot of the barriers when we’re just really ourselves and we give a clear picture of who our mate needs to love.”

4) Intimacy – “Intimacy,” she said, “is becoming a lost art with Twitter, Facebook, and texting. People are forgetting how to connect. Intimacy is about building value and closeness … on that level that transcends flesh. Those are the types of encounters that we must continue to populate our marriage with.”

5) Acceptance – “Acceptance is accepting people for who they are, and accepting things for what they are, and they’re not always ideal.”

Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario is the creator of The Marital Constitution and The Marriage University.

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