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The other morning I woke up and begun rereading a book entitled, “Kingdom Principles of Financial Increase” by Nasir K. Siddiki. While reading it I found myself wrestling with how to better manage my life in this very demanding economic season. I was intrigued as I reread the chapter about the principle of seedtime and harvest. It was challenging to the point that I felt this insatiable desire to increase my giving in every area of my life. I found myself engaged in an intense time of reflection and mediation, asking myself difficult questions. I was so challenged to grow in the ministry of generosity. Generosity is a powerful lifestyle choice that exposes you to the abundant side of God.

What is Generosity? Generosity is about opening your hand and allowing God to give to others through you. It is about serving God by letting him trust you with resources. Notice it is God trusting you with the resources and you willingly directing them where God is most served through the ministry of people.

How do you enhance this area of your life?

1. Study the Word of God in the area of Generosity.

2. Look for opportunities to give above and beyond what you are accustomed to

3. On a daily basis, assess your response to others. Allow the Holy Spirit to show you how you respond to others when given opportunity

4. Take advantage of increase to increase your giving.

Generosity then is a set up for God’s merciful response to you. So learn to sell out to the principle. The principle of Seedtime and Harvest truly works. You discipline yourself to give abundantly in the form of kindness, mercy, compassion, and financial resources and God proves himself to you in abundant ways. You empower God to work through you and God chooses to work with you. Please do not miss this awesome revelation. Generosity is the ally to every person who embraces the Lord Jesus Christ. So today and for the rest of your life, Sell out to the Principle!! Have an awesome day!

Read Luke 6:38; or 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

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