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In a move that will certainly help to energize the base of the Republican Party, presumptive Presidential Nominee, Mitt Romney selected Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis) as his running mate. Romney made the announcement this morning in front of the retired World War II battleship, USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Va. Ryan, 42, has served Wisconsin since 1999.  He’s credited with devising what many fiscal conservative Republicans consider a “bold plan” to restore the economic vitality of the country.

 Known as the “Ryan Budget,” the plan calls for additional tax cuts for wealthy Americans. The plan also calls for increased military spending and deep cuts in the country’s social safety net.  Ryan also proposes to turn Medicare into a voucher system and turn over control of Medicaid to the states. Ryan, who is a darling of the Republican Party, is a staunch admirer of Russian born Philosopher and Novelist, Ayn Rand.  

 As an avowed Atheist and Objectivist, Rand railed against religion and government involvement in the lives of its citizens. Rand also touted “individualism” and opposed the idea of citizens having a moral obligation to care for the needs of others.  Many of Ryan’s critics point to his admiration for Rand’s philosophical views as evidence that his budget will negatively impact poor and Middle Class families.

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