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By Tanya Wilson

Does anyone remember home economics class? I learned to sew in high school home economics class. Even though I had never sewn before, it seemed that I picked it up quickly or so I thought. The first project was to sew a long flannel nightgown with a 6 piece pattern. Simple enough! There were a lot of instructions to the pattern and our instructor consistently stressed the importance of all of the fabric notches cut against the pattern, matching up exactly.

As I set out to conquer my first sewing project, I started feeling myself and decided that I was just going to do things my way. I sewed and I sewed and finally the day of grading was upon us. Proudly I presented my project believing that it was worth at least the grade of A. Not so, I failed miserably! On the outside it looked like a nightgown, however all the pieces did not match exactly notch to notch the way the pattern was planned and the way we had been instructed day after day.

I learned a lesson in that class and from that day forward I made certain that all the pieces of a pattern came together correctly so that the finished product would fit just right.

Life is a lot like that. God designed us and gave us all the pieces necessary to achieve our purpose. As we journey along, we think we are getting it right, and on the outside we might look like we have it going on, however when we stop and examine yourselves closely, we realize that there are some things missing. As a matter of fact some of the pieces we added in life never really fit, and some pieces are still sitting by the wayside waiting to be discovered.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “God has made everything fitting in its time, but has also placed eternity in their hearts, without enabling them to discover what God had done from beginning to end.

Each piece, discovered and yet to be discovered moves us closer to our personal masterpiece and for which we were born. It doesn’t matter the pieces we connect with that don’t fit, we just continue the journey open to discovering all the right pieces, enjoying every moment toward becoming our absolute best self.

Tanya is an inspirational speaker and writer living in Charlotte. You can friend her on Facebook or email her at

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