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“It was not the first time it’s happened,” the 15-year-old girl said in an audio recording of the 911 call. The girl’s name and audio of the call are not posted because she is a minor. Sounding calm and speaking directly, the girl said her father “punched … and choked” her.

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Fayette Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the Dollar family’s home on Sandy Creek Road where, after a brief investigation, they arrested the 50-year-old reverend, charging him with simple battery, family violence and cruelty to children. Dollar was released on $5,000 bond later Friday morning.

The televangelist and author, speaking from the pulpit at World Changers Church International Sunday morning, denied the allegations.

“I want you to hear it personally from me: All is well in the Dollar household,” said the former educational therapist, who received a standing ovation from faithful congregants. “A family conversation with our youngest daughter got emotional. Things escalated from there.”

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Dollar said he neither choked or punched his daughter and explained away the abrasions on her neck as remnants from a case of eczema.

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“I should have never been arrested,” he said. Dollar, who teaches that God will bless the faithful with material rewards, has previously endorsed corporal punishment. “There’s a place for it, and it should only be administered with temperance,” he said in a 2006 sermon.

“A family conversation with our youngest daughter got emotional. Things escalated from there,” Dollar, 50, explained from the pulpit, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “She was not choked. She was not punched. … Anything else is exaggeration and sensationalism,” the Rev. Dollar continued.

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