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Erica has written an inspiring post this week.  She wants to encourage  us to persevere. Here is what she says this week.

How do I motivate myself?

It’s funny how we can give, give, give… and when it’s time to give ourselves a push, we can’t always do it.

Is it OK if I’m honest this week? I’m tired and I need a break and I think God has lost my address! I need answers and I need peace. I’m sure somebody can relate. I’m running on fumes. I’m empty. And it doesn’t help when the people you would call to vent to, or pray with, don’t answer their phone! What’s up with that? So I guess this is a test I must endure alone.

What do I do?

Well, first off, it’s time to show fear, doubt and anxiety the exit. There’s no way I can or should stay here in this low place for too long. Yes, we should allow ourselves to feel however we feel, but at some point it becomes truth vs. fact.

Read the rest  of Erica’s wise words here.

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