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Every Sunday morning I send out a text to my un-churched friends “reminding” them of the time and location of my church. Sometimes, I start on Saturday night, when I know my friends are out and about. Maybe they won’t drink so hard, or will set their alarm clock to get up a little early and hang in the pews with me.

I know I get on their nerves. So this is for the people who are always being begged by their saved friends to come to church. You may be thinking, that’s okay for you…but I’m not ready for all of that. Below is a list of the things your Christian friends know about church and saved life that you may not.

1. Your Christian Friends have seen miracles happen in their lives

Nothing that David Blane can do compares to the things Jesus Christ can do for your life. I have physically been changed from a cancer diagnosis to a minor lung infection within days. I was once addicted to alcohol and depressed and without any drugs or psychology been cured. I don’t have the desire to do the things that put me in bad situations before. I asked God to help me and he took those desires away. The scariest thing about stopping sin is how. God is how. Simply ask Him and be ready for change and change happens!

2. Your Christian Friends now have tools to deal with their problems

Before I became a Christian, I complained about everything. I was miserable. Even while I’ve been saved, I have been working blindly, trying to solve my problems and issues. I am learning (by going to church and studying the Bible) that God gives us order and the Bible gives us instructions on how to handle our problems. There is nothing that you go through that is not mentioned in the Bible. God has all the answers for the right way and He wants us to do the right thing so that we can have a more abundant life. My life has been operating so much more smoothly, just by following the examples made for me in the Bible.

3. Your Christian Friends might not always be happy, but they have joy

Going to church and being saved isn’t always about “feeling good.” There are some hard times that everyone, even Christians have to face. Changing your life and transforming your mind is a hard, lifelong process. Christians aren’t always happy people, nobody is happy 24/7. But we have joy. And joy is a deeper happiness connected to our relationship with God. Joy allows us to be glad even if things aren’t going our way. There is a peace and calm over your life when you are walking with God! Being able to separate your troubles from what you are grateful for can save your life! Real Christians know how to make that distinction.

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