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It’s not often that you read what I am going to call an “Ode To The Brothers;” so, when you do, it is worth spreading the news.

That’s why when I read G Hyl’s article, “Brothers, This One’s For You,” I knew I had to share it.

A little about G Hyl: Garfield “G Hyl” Hylton is the 23 year old blogger of “When Keeping It Real Goes Right.” He is a graduate of THE Florida State University as well as a Juris Doctoral Candidate at North Carolina Central School of Law Class of 2012. He writes because the pen is mightier than the sword, and his sword game is off the hook.

Brothers, this one is for you:

I know what they say about us. We’re violent. We’re thugs. We’re on drugs. We beat our women. We don’t take care of our kids. We’re angry. We lust after women who aren’t black.

Go on. Let them talk.

All of this happens, but that is not all that we are. The country was built on our backs. They turned us against each other. They took away our mothers, our grandmothers, our wives, our sons,our fellow brothers and our daughters. They tried their best to break us.

And they still haven’t done it.

Brothers we are out here handling business. We are going to school and we are mastering the education that they said we were too dumb to learn. We are out here trying to save the communities that they ravaged and turned their backs on.

They said that we’re hustlers and manipulators.

They are right.

We hustle and find ways to work the system to our benefit. We know how to manipulate our language to fit right in with our brothers and sisters in the projects, and then put our suit on and manipulate the boss to get our corporate money. Nobody has the worries that we have, but we don’t let that slow us down. We’re too cool. Too smooth. Too intelligent.

Read the entire post.