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I JUST left the bank after what was almost a VERY frustrating experience. For the last few months I have been without a photo ID. My license has been revoked for seemingly decades, so my state issued ID has been my only proof that I am Anthony Quinn McPherson. I’ve been too busy with CIAA events to go stand in line at the DMV to get another one. Anyway, I found it last week when I was making a withdrawal at the bank and I was SUPER excited. For weeks and months I had to ask other people to do stuff for me that I knew would require a photo ID. Well, I went to the bank today to make a deposit and when they asked for ID I reached in my wallet and it was gone AGAIN! I wasn’t worried because I had just been in there a week ago when I found it. Surely, I thought, if they allowed me to take money out before I found it, they would allow me to put money in after losing it! However, the teller REFUSED to accept my deposit without proof of my identity. Needless to say, I was FRUSTRATED! It made no sense to me that I could withdraw from them without an ID but I could not deposit without one.

Then the Holy Spirit touched my heart and caused me to realize that this was a teaching moment…

For weeks, months, years, maybe even decades, (God just caused me to realize) that I had lost my (ID) identity. I’ve been a lesser version of the Anthony that He created and KNOWS me to be. Because of my loss of identity (ID) I’ve had to pull on other people to do things for me that I should be able to do for myself. In the “natural realm” they’ve had to drive me around, pay for things with their credit cards, etc because I lost my ID. Similarly, in the “spirit realm” I’ve relied on people to fill voids that only occur when you’ve lost your own identity (ID).

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