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An eighth-grader student at Intermediate School 208 in Bellerose, a suburb of Queens, New York, is in big trouble after selling her classmates marijuana-laced brownies, reports the

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Officials confirmed that at least twenty students got a taste of the high life before the mini dope dealer was busted selling the brownies one for $3 dollars — or two for $5 — from her backpack in the cafeteria at lunchtime.

According to the DailyNews, one parent estimated that the girl probably made at least $250 before her enterprise was shut down.

The same parent said that her son was an innocent victim who had no idea that the deletable brownies were laced with marijuana:

“They slipped my son a mickey,” she said. “How come nobody noticed these kids were high?”

The children, grades K-8, snacked on the brownies at lunch and recess, before one student reported the drug abuse to the dean of the school.

Department of Education spokewoman, Margie Feinberg, said that all of the students who sampled the funny brownies will face a disciplinary hearing to determine appropriate punishment:

“This was a troubling incident, and as soon as the school learned about it they reported it to us and reached out to the parents of the student involved,” said Feinberg.

In light of the drug bust, counselors will be provided for students to discuss drug abuse. In the interim, one fourth-grader student summed up the mood of the school:

“It’s kinda berserk here,” the boy said.

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