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WAKE COUNTY, NC.–The stake are rising as politicians, parents and members of the Wake County Public School System battle for and against a measure that would re-segreate the county’s schools.

The new “neighborhood schools” platfrom would assign students to schools closer to where they live, rather than busing students to schools outside of their neighborhood in order to maintain racial and social economic diversity throughout the county.

Critics of the plan say poor and minority students would lose out on the resources that white schools receive. They are currently drafting new ideas to offer as alternatives to the proposed neighborhood school plan, but thus far nothing has stuck.

“Our issues is how are the children, both black and white going to be cared for,” said the Rev. WIlliam Barber, who heads the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP. “When we argue for diversity it is not simply people need to be in close proximity to each other. Whenever you have racially identifiable, high-poverty schools, you also have corresponding with that under resources and high teacher turnover.”

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