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The Rev. Al Sharpton spoke Tuesday about the importance of Black digital media at the headquarters of the largest digital media company super-targeted to the African-American audience according to Comscore, InteractiveOne.

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Sharpton’s appearance focused on his belief that not only is Black digital media important to the re-election of President Obama, but to the African American community at a time when many traditional media sources like radio and newspapers are not being consumed as they once were.

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“Most Black kids are on the Internet and don’t know what day the Black paper comes out,” said Sharpton. “Interactive One has approached the new model that will set the historical pattern for the next 100 years. The question is are we committed to making it work and are we up for the test.”

Top Quotes From Sharpton’s Talk At InteractiveOne:

Well just like [Berry] Gordy and Motown were the beginning and authors of the new era in American culture. You are a part of a new era in how we communicate to Black America, and make a profit without sacrificing authenticity.

This is not about how to do something good that has already been done. This is about how to do something that has never been done, and a 100 years from now they will study how we did it. That’s how you make the hall of fame; you make the hall of fame by changing the game. Ask Lebron. You can’t just make the playoffs, you have to win.

You’re the only entity right now that exists that can cover TV, to radio to the interactive, make it one neat package and become the model on how this is done from here on. And what you want is for people to say, “let’s study the Interactive One model.” That must be your commitment.

This business that Alfred Liggins (Founder and CEO of Radio One) has put together has been something far underestimated because other than Murdoch, who understands the combining of television and radio…Blacks are not there yet.

*Rev. Al Sharpton is a featured blogger for NewsOne.Com*

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